Spiritual Scent

I got an email from a client that was interested in having me scent a church. This particular church is already known for creating an interactive experience for its members through a well choreographed production with lights and music. I was asked to think about creating a scent for the congregation. This research lead me straight to the Bible and the birth of Jesus Christ. This inquiry also touched me personally as my name day falls on January 6th.

January 6 is celebrated by Christians all over the world as The Day of the Epiphany...Tiffany - Epiphany... also known as Three Kings Day. It is the day when the three sages that were guided by a star to Bethlehem reach to baby Jesus. I was taught that they brought Frankensence, Myrrh and Gold. But as it turns out, the gold is not referring to a metal. It is another aromatic made from Blue Lotus. A very rare flower found only in the desert. It was referred to as gold becaue of its value. The three Magi brought baby Jesus aromatics. What a wonderful gift!

Back to the church, my idea was to use the same aromas that were used in ancient times. Not only was I interested in scenting the space, I wanted to scent the baptismal waters used by members of the congretation. Therefore, each time a member walked into the space they would be reminded in a deep and intimate way, through scent, of their reltionship with Christ.

In the next blog post, I will discuss how scent can be used to create a sacred space.

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