Sentology is the brainchild of founder and CEO Tiffany Rose Goodyear. Ms. Goodyear started her journey creating sensory experiences for clients that focus on touch, taste, and smell while managing Yours Truly Cupcake. She launched this full-service dessert catering company in 2011 in Denver, Colorado. 

Steeped in the importance of creating visceral interactive experience Ms. Goodyear noticed that her desserts were not only beautiful to look at and tasty, they had a powerful effect on

The past decade has been a boon for the scenting industry. Specialty scent branding companies have popped up all over the U.S. as has the use of scent in hotel lobbies, casinos and retail environments. While this is related to the work of Sentology, it doesn't incorporate the multi-dimensional aspects of the framework Ms. Goodyear created to scent events. 

Unlike hotels, casinos and retail spaces, events are dynamic, they are for a fixed period of time, and the event is about people gathered in the space. Scenting events goes beyond choosing a brand scent and requires the scent professionals take into consideration food being served, decor lighting, music, entertainment and the overall goal of the event. 


Tiffany Rose Goodyear
Founder + CEO

Kyle Dvorak

Fragrance Specialist

Jessica Eagleson

Business Development

Kalie Kramer


Denver, CO

Indrid Elmore


Washington, DC

Kelly Thornton Jones


San Diego, CA